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A Liberty High School Diploma opens all the doors to employment and educational opportunities

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average high school graduate earns approximately $717 per month more than the average person who has not completed high school. That's over $8,600 more per year! And that gap is widening. Think of what you could do with that kind of pay increase.

Also, high school graduates are 70% more likely to be employed than those without a high school diploma. Think about it!

Anyone can succeed with Liberty Online

Our Mission

Liberty High School is the best option for those who were, for whatever reason, unable to complete their high school education at a traditional U.S. high school. Liberty's program for adults 18 years of age and older, is designed to complete a students high school education.

The Vermont State Board of Education approves Liberty's program and curriculum. This is a full high school diploma.

Liberty has been dedicated to the best education standards and its correspondence courses comply with the Vermont Standard. We have recently added an online component. You will receive full credit for all courses you have successfully completed at your previous licensed high school.

High School Graduates

  - Make more money
  - Get better jobs
  - Go on to higher education
  - And have a better life

It's that simple!

And now you can start reaping the rewards of being a high school graduate in as few as two months at any age at Liberty High School™

Liberty High School has helped thousands of adults earn their high school diploma since 1982.

Adult students succeed at Liberty High School because they are able to use a home study, self-paced system that is supported by qualified high school teachers. Liberty High School teachers are available to assist students every step along the way.

Perhaps this is just the atmosphere for learning and the opportunity to succeed you've been waiting for.

Students Get Everything Needed to be Successful!

  • Complete high school curriculum from 9th to 12th grade to prepare adult learners to move onto higher education and better jobs.
  • Choice of print-based (by mail) or Online courses complete with texts, study guides and exams (No computer needed with print-based courses)
  • Lesson materials prepared in a sequential and logical order for study by students on their own in a home-study format
  • Full credit for past achievement in academic courses upon validation
  • Review and grading of every assignment by qualified high school teachers
  • Corrected assignments, examinations and special help
  • 800 number live academic help-line
  • Personalized student-teacher relationships that form the core of our home-study methods
  • Access to Liberty High School's Official Blog for up-to-date information on adult student matters, and career and educational opportunities
  • Online Student Discussion Groups to connect with fellow students and grads, form informal study groups, get help resolving challenges and share ideas
  • Post-graduate career assessment to help get on the right track to employment and educational opportunities
  • Official student transcripts to present to institutions of higher education
  • A diploma from Liberty High School approved by top-ranked Vermont State Board of Education.

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Liberty High School is approved by the Vermont State Board of Education

Better Business Bureau Accredited Member

Our Administrative and Faculty Offices are located at: Our National Enrollment Center is located at:
20 Technology Drive #5
Brattleboro, Vermont 05301
(800) 594-5550
7739 S. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60620
(888) 363-5556