High School Drop Out Rate Statistics. Unemployment

It is known that without a high school diploma is is extremely difficult to get a job. Even high school graduates have a difficult time getting a job if they don’t pursue some additional training.

A recent release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows what the unemployment rate is for dropouts.


Although the drop out rate has declined in recent years, it still is a major problem in the United States. But more so for those who don’t have a skill to market. You can’t get the training to become marketable without a high school diploma.


Jobs Jobs and the High School Diploma

Starting almost 5 years ago we started getting more calls per day from former students needing us to send out their transcripts for jobs, and to schools. Many of these former students have already attended colleges and are working or attended trade schools and have a profession. Nevertheless, when they try to move to a different company or even move to a different division within the company where they work they are asked to produce a copy of their high school transcript.  Usually signed and sent directly from us.

The Future:

It is not going to change, companies are insisting on proof that a future employee show proof of graduation from high school.

Some experts say it’s a product of the information age. That is , information on a future employee now requires all the blanks be filled in. Job seekers should be ready.

Our experience must be repeated at every high school in this country. Hundreds of thousands of requests are made annually.

Our experience shows that the sooner a drop out from high school reenters the world of studies the easier it is. After ten years or so math, grammar and the sciences are very difficult to recover or even the whole habit of studying.

Dyslexia: High School Diploma

I am the  mother of two sons with dyslexia.  I know how hard it can be for bright and talented kids to earn their high school diploma when held back by  learning disabilities.   It is difficult  for people to find their way through to success when they are up against so many obstacles.  Peer pressure, anxiety,  and negative labels: stupid, slow,  lazy, just to name a  few .

Now I am employed at Liberty High School  as a Registrar.  I get many opportunities to chat with  people who have dyslexia,  ADD, Autism to name a few .  I really relate to these folks and they are often surprised that they are understood and empathized with.

When they entrust themselves or their children to our school we give them the help and care they deserve.  Learning at home without any  pressure of time and scrutiny often gives them the confidence to succeed with us.   Many of these students go on to trade school or can  elevate in their current job.  We do have students who go on to higher education as well.   Especially when they finished all four years of high school and then just couldn’t pass the states’ testing requirements at the end of the year.

It’s very fulfilling to our staff to help peoples with  dyslexia and any number of learning disables students succeed.  It is our main goal everyday.

High School Diploma. Make a wise choice

Make a wise choice!

Our experience has been that some of our students call us only after they have been rejected for a job because they lack a high school diploma. ” I need it, I need it fast”. They then often make the mistake of going to a site that advertises a low cost quick diploma.

The diploma must be approved by a State Board of Education or it’s a waste of money. If a potential student is lucky, he or she will have several credits from a previous high school thereby reducing the amount of time needed to complete a program. Schools like Liberty High School grant full credit for all courses already passed at a licensed high school. But there is no getting around the fact that a student must complete all the required courses, whether through previous credit of by enrolling in a program like Liberty’s.

But if one has a job and does not need a high school diploma because he or she has a job, think again. How secure is our job?

Make a wise choice and get your diploma now.


Specialized Training a Necessity.

In the USA today. and around the world, simply having your High School Diploma is not enough. You must train for a skill, be it in the trades, or computers or any number of skill sets that almost every business today demands.
In order to enter into these schools or training programs you will need, at minimum, a GED or High School Diploma.

We at Liberty High School, must get at least 10 requests per day from schools and companies, requesting transcripts and proof of graduation. This is now the norm. ten years ago it was the schools and certificate programs who needed proof of gradation. Now, just about every company hiring new employees will research the applications for jobs and follow up to prove graduation.

Schools like Liberty offer the chance for those who, for whatever reason, had not finished their high school education.

Profile of our typical Adult High School Student

Our mission is to provide a service to those who haven’t completed their high school education. As a Vermont State Board of Education approved school we offer students the opportunity to further their education by attending college or career schools or advancing in their jobs. We also help those students from foreign countries whose transcripts don’t include certain required courses that make up the core curriculum of the American high school

A typical Liberty student comes to us with some credits from his or her previous school, usually reached Sophomore or Junior year, and for whatever reason did not complete their courses. Some have more credits and only need the Senior year and others, usually from overseas, can’t get their previous transcripts. They need an approved diploma to proceed in almost any endeavor here in the United States.

We have provided this service to thousands of students with excellent results. We are required to offer only the Vermont Curriculum which adheres to the highest standards.

Which is better: High School Diploma or GED.

Obviously, a straight high school diploma, after four years in a traditional bricks and mortar school is the preferred goal. But what of those who, for whatever reason, were unable to obtain a traditional high school diploma?

The choice becomes narrowed down considerably. To enter a college or trade school it is necessary to get either a GED or a high school diploma. If you choose to obtain a high school diploma through correspondence be sure the program is approved or licensed by the state in which the school. is located. A diploma that is backed by the State Board of Education will be essential for schools and also in the work force if you are looking for job promotion. Most schools and companies will accept the diploma if it complies with the above standard or a GED.

So, which is better. It all depends on your personal situation. If you have time to attend classes and can squeeze the time to take the assigned tests then the GED might be the way to go. But if you are working or under a lot of pressure to handle family and job then a program that allows you to work at your own pace could be right for you. There are a few approved, licensed, accredited correspondence or on line programs that fit the bill if that is your choice. The problem is that they cost money. The GED program does not cost much but you are working under the GED program’s schedule. You must complete the entire program in one year and pass all the subjects or you do not get a GED. Furthermore there is no carry over of your passing grades. You start over from scratch.

An approved correspondence program usually does not have strict finishing dates and you fit in your work on the schooling at your own pace. Most correspondence programs offer payment plans and tutoring so in the end the choice is yours.

High School for Adults

Up until the 12th grade, courses and required core subjects are, almost country wide, specifically programmed for the student. For example, Algebra 2 follows Algebra 1, usually 9th and 10th grade. Biology comes before Physics and there is English 1, 2, 3, 4.

When a student drops out of school, he or she often will have passed some of these courses, received credit, and might not have done so well on the other courses. However, if often happens at Liberty High School that we will see someone who might pass all their Math courses and fail in English or vice-versa.

Therefore, when a student comes to us with a mixed record of achievement we grant credit for those courses passed and, in essence, fill in the gaps. Consequently, there is no structured 9th grade, 10th grade on up levels at an adult on line high school.

Under state law, all the core subjects must be covered along with electives but most times the courses are not sequential.

What’s important is that the student focuses on each course to fulfill what’s missing in their curriculum. Many times it has been our experience that with this focus, the student “gets it” this time around.

International Students

Liberty High School is proud to announce that it has formed an alliance with the Assembly of World Diasporas,    diasporasworld.org an organization dedicated to helping the displaced persons all around the world. Liberty is offering courses and a high school program to aid these individuals in restarting their lives and giving them an opportunity to continue their education in the United States. They have offices in New York and Chicago.